“Near/Far. Dark/Light.” is a quote from Patti Smith’s book Land 250 where she  describes her love of the Polaroid Land 250 camera and it’s technical simplicity.  I love Polaroids too but I also like this description as a statement about – well, things near/far or dark/light and anything in between…

Land 250 by Patti Smith

I follow an eclectic bunch of blogs, books, films and stuff that I really enjoy.  I thought it might be a good idea to share some the things that inspire me, show a few of the things I create, food I love to make and anything else that might crop up that I think is of interest, so this is sort of a ‘mashup’ of me… if nothing else it will be a great place for me to capture all of this in one place …enjoy and thanks for dropping by…

♥ JenY ♥


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