Where the wild shoes are…

A few months ago I was window shopping in the lovely William Street in Paddington, Sydney and spotted a pair of fierce looking coral red shoes in the windows of Belinda.  They kind of roared at me, these shoes, and I was immediately drawn to them and stood gazing at them for a few minutes mulling over ‘could I, NO I can’t, they’re kind of scary and besides the price of them will be ridiculous…’ So I wandered on by trying not to think about them – besides, what would I wear them with?

I was on some errands in the city on the weekend and decided to take a short cut through the Strand Arcade (always a bad idea) and decided to pop into Belinda’s little sister store The Corner Shop.  Who should I see there but the amazing fiery red shoes from Belinda AND at a drastically reduced price!  Before they could growl at me they were on my feet followed by a quick transaction, in my hand and out the door.  Who cares what I will wear with them – the shoes are the main attraction here.  What do you think?

Who designed these little monsters?  Well, they hail from New York label LD Tuttle and were created by Tiffany Tuttle who honed her designing skills at Givenchy before starting LD Tuttle with her husband a few years ago. She has some really interesting designs.  Take a peek at these wild shoes in her SS 2011 collection.


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