Feeling bookish…?

2011 is my year of ‘the book’.  It all began in January when I started my ‘dream job’ with a well-known publishing company.  As you will all know, the publishing industry is facing a great deal of change and challenge right now as it tries to work its way through the labryinth of traditional publishing and what is ‘to be’ with the rise of eBooks and digital devices, whilst dealing with large blows like the recent REDgroup/Borders collapse.  My new role is placed squarely in the middle of this landscape and I am focussed on how I can on help this business transform what it does today into something sustainable for the future.

Like many people, books have been an integral part of my life and a few of them are part of my most treasured objects.  Our home is filled with books and this is my favourite bookshelf in our Sydney apartment – it always makes me feel happy to see it when I come home. 

I also love checking out other peoples bookshelves to see what books they have and its fun to try and work out what it says about them.  Books on shelves can also make a statement in a room and I found this great pic of Karl Lagerfeld’s library on the New York Observer

Wouldn’t you just love to spend an afternoon or 2 in that library checking out what Karl has on his shelves (not to mention sitting on the 10 seater sofa)?  Whilst many may say the book is dead and the eBook is the future – I can’t imagine my future without these literary treasures of stories, adventures, information, beauty and life sitting on my shelves….AND if you need ideas for how to stock your shelves – look no further than this little video for inspiration… enjoy!


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2 Responses to Feeling bookish…?

  1. Jordan Windebank says:

    Hi Jen, I have had this very conversation with friends and family recently and have mixed feelings. I love having my books handy, the feel and smell is one of the greater comforts in life and books on display can definitely be a real form of identity within the home. In saying that though I still read the majority of my books digitally on my iPad. For one it is lighter than most of my books, and it serves multiple uses so I don’t need to carry other devices. I find it comfortable reading on the screen and have built up a massive collection of books that I otherwise would not have access to through Project Guttenberg (currently reading the entire works of Livy).

    I hope physical books continue to have a presence in the world but I just can’t see the industry keeping up with the cost and accessibility of ebooks.

    Congratulations on the new role. 🙂


    • JenY says:

      Hey Jordan – I agree about the convenience and accessibility the eBooks and readers offer us – I want that. However, as an avid early adopter of all things digital I have really felt a set of mixed emotions about my sentimental attachment to my own books and where this will all ‘end’ (knowing of course that the digital life will never end and will just keep evolving). I love to see, touch and look at books and I really feel that this isnt an either/or situation but rather hope it will be a successful marriage and that real books never disappear from view.

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