What to do next…?

So I have finished the blanket for my boy and wondering what to do next… I would love to try something like the one of those granny blankets in Nanny McPhee (maybe next winter) but would really  love to do a white motif blanket like Sols(tr)ikke: Sirkel’s beautiful blanket below… Sadly I haven’t had time gather the ingredients for this one yet so will have to start it  another time…I have a few balls of different colours and decided to make a granny stripe similar to one seen on the fabulous Attic24 blog by Lucy.  A few months back I was looking for crochet patterns and came across Attic24 which is a treasure trove of patterns and ideas.  Lots of people have been inspired by Lucy and her blog and there are nearly 3,000 Attic24 inspired pics on Flickr of all sorts of lovely creations. Who knew that granny blankets could be so popular these days… SO, if you want to start your own crochet project check it out and get going…

Here’s how mine is looking …


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