Time to gather my recipes…

One of my favourite pastimes when I was growing up was sitting in my Nanna’s kitchen watching her cook, helping out and learning how to make something wonderful from a few ingredients – including a few things from her cupboard and often something from the garden and eggs from the chooks in the backyard.  When I was about 14 I lived with Nanna for a few months whilst my family relocated and I spent a lot of time in her kitchen, cooking, talking, learning and writing down her recipes in a new book as her old one was worn and falling apart.  I forgot about doing that until many years later when I was in her kitchen and looking for a recipe and discovered the writing in the beginning of her cookbook was mine (this one was also bulging at the seams and starting to fall apart).

I have always loved collecting recipes and recently gathered together a few of my own  books that I started in my early 20s and 30s (during the 80s and 90s – gasp!).  I have always had a number of notebooks filled with recipes and ideas but over the past decade or so I haven’t been so organised.  Whilst I still gather recipes, I tend to rip things out, scribble notes on a scraps of paper and have these bits poked in various bookshelves and cupboards all over my home.

I recently discovered Moleskine’s new Passions range which has a notebook for people who are passionate about:  film, wine, music, books, wellness AND recipes.  I hope to run a chambres d’hôte (B&B) in France one day soon and will need a little cache of ‘good things to eat’ – this will be the place to pull those scraps of paper together with my fave recipes and keep them all in one place…

I kind of hope it will become my version of Nanna’s recipe book ….

Check out the Passions:Recipe book here (you’ll want one too)


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