Boys and their blankets…

My son’s first love wasn’t a toy but a blanket and he went everywhere with it from about the time he was 3 months until he had to go to school – even then it stayed on his bed and was an essential part of the ‘going to sleep’ ritual each night.  My boy is in his final year of school and about to sit his final exams.  To mark the occasion I have (finally) finished a new blanket for him to keep warm on the never ending study nights he has had to endure of late…. I think it looks OK and the colours are masculine enough to not make it look girly (important for 18 year old boys)…

As I was having a little look around on Facebook (aka Stalkbook) the other day I noticed a few other boys of our acquaintance with their special blankets.  Interestingly they both found a similar way to accessorise them as part of their everyday life – here’s how they look including a pic of my boy on his way to study the other night (thanks for sharing boys)…


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