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Poppy and his Kodak camera…

I was thinking about a couple of unrelated things today and realised they had a connection.  First off, I have been sorting out a new abode for my working week in Sydney.  This has involved ransacking our home for bits … Continue reading

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What to do next…?

So I have finished the blanket for my boy and wondering what to do next… I would love to try something like the one of those granny blankets in Nanny McPhee (maybe next winter) but would really  love to do … Continue reading

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a sideways library….

I am loving this!  Just spotted this on the FastCoDesign website – a sideways library cafe in Manhattan.  It’s called D’espresso and its close to the New York Public Library (hence the library of books influence).  The “books” are actually … Continue reading

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Time to gather my recipes…

One of my favourite pastimes when I was growing up was sitting in my Nanna’s kitchen watching her cook, helping out and learning how to make something wonderful from a few ingredients – including a few things from her cupboard … Continue reading

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Boys and their blankets…

My son’s first love wasn’t a toy but a blanket and he went everywhere with it from about the time he was 3 months until he had to go to school – even then it stayed on his bed and … Continue reading

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