50 and the colour orange…

I have had a busy few weeks – started a new job which means I will be moving to Sydney during the week.  So my life has been a whirl of activity, looking for an apartment, meeting new people and learning new stuff and feeling a fair bit of information overload (more on that in my next post).

So it sort of slipped my mind that today, Sep 12, was my 50th birthday.  Yes – I said it – my 50th!  There is no escaping a number like that and it has been creeping up on me. Well my family didn’t forget and gave me a lovely day of surprises and nice things to eat… husband Al excelled himself and created this yummy breakfast to start the day…

As the day progressed I noticed a common thread was appearing – the colour orange was the highlight in a lot of the  festivities.  Anyone who is close to me knows that I’m not mad about the colour orange – but after today I am starting to look at it in a different light as it has a few rather special associations…

…like the lovely box and bag from Hermes that packaged the beautiful scarf my son and daughter gave me….

…the box the bottle of Veuve arrived in that we enjoyed at lunch…

…followed by my favourite Shepherd’s Pie cooked by daughter for dinner in the orange Le Creuset pot. It’s a Sophie Dahl recipe and very, very yummy….

I read an article about Emma Thompson recently – she turned 50 this year also and decided to do something nice each month as a way of easing herself into it.  I like her approach and I’m thinking I should do something similar ie find something nice to do each month that includes the colour orange – maybe a trip to Seville, Spain….I hear they have a lot of oranges….


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