Chapter 2 – reconnecting…

The last few weeks have been a busy whirl of activity – shaping the book, thinking about the content, going through Jo’s work looking for material and people who should be involved or need to know, ideas etc…  Thankfully we live in an online world and the various mediums of email, facebook. websites etc have made the job a lot easier…

The main focus has been to let people know what is happening, setting up a website (, asking people to share stories about Jo and getting a small team together to help with the design and shaping of the book.  The ideas and organisation (important not to forget that) are starting to flow…

I have also re-connected with some of Jo’s friends who are as far away as Norway and Ireland and now working on contacting the 150+ photographers who donated their beautiful images for a print auction in 2003.  The proceeds from that auction are funding the book and I want to let them know about it.  I found the spreadsheet with all the names this week – so this weekend I’ll be on the internet looking for their contact details.

We are planning to get the content for the book organised by November, so if you have something you would like to share check out the website for ideas and more detail on how to be involved at

By the way – if you are one of the people in the pic at the top of this post I would love to hear from you.


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