Where to begin….

I recently reacquainted myself with crochet and have started a simple granny square afghan rug…

I forgot how much I enjoy it and I always considered myself more of a knitter.  I went through a period where I knitted everything but got bored with it because it takes so long and there are only so many hand-knit jumpers one can wear in this climate…

I learnt to crochet from my Nanna who crocheted all manner of things – her cupboards were always filled with crochet trimmed linen and table wares and there was always a beautiful afghan awaiting you on the lounge or bed.  Everyone in my extended family was a recipient of something special from Nanna and when each of her grandkids had their own babies she would crochet a special baby blanket for each family (not bad when you consider she had 20 grandchildren and countless great grandchildren and even a few great greats).  I still have mine and it will come out again when my kids have their own…

Anyway, I have been really inspired by all the crochet, yarn and hook type blogs out there and have already planned quite a few projects in my head (so keep watching for pics of my progress)…  You know how it is when you start something  – suddenly it seems to be everywhere!  I am watching a documentary series called Le jour d’avant or The Day Before by French director Loïc Prigent.  It is a documentary about the day before the Paris Fashion shows of Sonia Rykiel, Proenza Schouler, Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

I was watching the Jean-Paul Gaultier documentary today, that was filmed before his Autumn/Winter 2009 haute couture show, and inspired by classic movies and film stars.  I was surprised to see an amazing crocodile skin and crochet dress (inspired by the movie ‘Day of the Iguana’) being put together by an artisan in his studio who specialises in crochet and lacemaking.  She cried when she saw it on the runway.  Here is the result of her amazing work – most of it put together the day before the show!  Mmmm I have a long way to go…


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